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About Us

Mr. Sipos and I were born and raised in sunny Ventura County, California. 
 I grew up on a small farm in Ojai, California where I raised a variety of livestock and equine, and Mr. Sipos was an avid equestrian from Thousand Oaks, California.
 Our passion for livestock and equine brought us together. 
 Quickly, we noticed that we also had something in else common, our strong family values.
 Mr. Sipos and I believe that “Family Comes First”.
 Our dream is to have a large family, lots of animals, and to live on our own farm.
We are excited to announce that the newest member of the family, our beautiful son Levi, was born in June of 2022. 
 We invite you to join the Sipos Farms family and to share the warmth and love that we have created with our company.
 We hope our products bring love and happiness to your home.
 From our Family Farm to yours, 
 Mr. & Mrs. Sipos
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